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The Paddy Wagon Food Company is a completely mobile restaurant experience, operating in Central and Southeastern Ohio. We can be located at various patrol locations. The purpose of our outfit is to satisfy the hunger of the pedestrian populous, while serving delicious foods made of the best quality 100% locally-purchased ingredients. We pride ourselves on our excellence in service and convenience to the citizens of the city of Columbus.  






Paddy Wagon is owned and operated by Ohio's native son,"the Sheriff" Zach James. Zach J has been serving innovative american food to the public for 8 years, and is a staunch believer in the importance of the fundamentals as an essential in truly tasty fare. The Sheriff moved to Columbus at 18 to attend The Ohio State University, and left school in 2010 to found the first wagon and "wipe out grime" on the streets of his city.

Zach has been a spreahead for food truck advocacy in the region and has served as President of the Central Ohio Food Truck Association (COFTA) for over 3 years. As one of the forefathers of Columbus's thriving food truck industry, he is respected by his peers, feared by his competitors , and on patrol for anyone who dare compromise the culinary integrity of Cbus's street food scene.


Truly the "City's Finest" crew of young men and women. You see the same faces year after year because they love what they do. These folks are the reason for Paddy Wagon's reptuation for superior customer service. To them, its all in the all in the line of duty! 

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